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Positive Youth Development Workshops
The PYD Group is a six week program that teaches youth pro-social skills so that they can interact positively with their families, peers, teachers and community. It uses youth strengths to promote positive outcome for young people. Some topics covered are Surviving Peer Pressure, Making Good Choices, Anti-Bul
lying, Solving Conflicts, Responsible Internet Use, and Dining Etiquet te.

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Kids on the Block Puppeteer Program
The Kids on the Block Puppeteer Program uses entertainment to discuss with kids issues that affect them. The “KIDS” vividly and effectively model relationships between people, using frank and often humorous communications of facts and feeling between puppet characters and the audience. Students have the opportunity to ask questions or give advice to the puppet characters at the end of each performance. The puppeteers are Glen Cove High School seniors who are members of the Community Action Using Student Empowerment (C.A.U.S.E) class. This program which is currently unfunded was previously funded by member item awards from Senator Carl Marcelino and Assemblyman Chuck Lavine.

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One on One Mentoring Program
The Glen Cove Youth Bureau Mentoring Program offers one-on-one mentoring for school-aged youth at risk of failing in school, dropping out of school, or becoming involved in delinquent behavior. Our mentors serve as a friend, coach and guide to mentees with a commitment to offer support, encouragement and to nurture positive ideals. Mentors serve one year terms and meet once weekly for at least an hour within the community. They are required to attend an initial two hour training prior to being matched. Parents are required to meet with mentors prior to the match.

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for more information contact Charmaine Clarke, Mentoring Director