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Glen Cove After 3 Program

The goal of Glen Cove After 3 is to strengthen the academic, social and  emotional foundation of children in Glen Cove so as they progress  through elementary and middle school they can experience success in school and in life, and they are well prepared for a successful and  healthy future. 
  • Glen Cove After 3 is a full time comprehensive program that includes the following services and activities:
  • At the elementary schools the focus is on an integrated arts and literary program with academic support and healthy physical development activities
  • At the middle school the program includes college and career centers along with integrated academic support and healthy lifestyles.
  • Family literacy events include educational and developmental literacy
Glen Cove After 3 is a free program, 3 hours a day, 5 days a week, is offered to all Glen Cove residents in grades 3 –8 and operates out of Landing and Connolly Elementary Schools and Robert M. Finely Middle School.
Glen Cove After 3 is made possible through   a 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant awarded to the City of Glen Cove Youth Bureau and partners with Glen Cove School District, Glen Cove Police Department, Glen Cove Senior Center and S.A.F.E., Inc.
Our Glen Cove After 3 program is for students entering 3rd grade – 9th grade is a free program from 9:00 – 4:00 starting July 5th – August 17th.  Four days a week 1st 3 hours is geared to academic enrichment.  Youth work with SD teachers and YB staff (in fun ways) in the areas of literacy, math and science.  Students receive free lunch, afternoons are spent learning about careers for MS students, they have the option to take for example cooking classes, fashion design, photography, music and studio classes.  The elementary students are also exposed to these programs as well.  All the programs are project based and many of the projects completed over the course of the summer are done in groups. The last hour is spent promoting healthy life styles including dance and karate lessons, playing basketball or soccer and other sports.  During the program workshops on positive youth development are offered to the students.  All of the youth in Glen Cove After 3 will complete their summer school projects. Fridays are usually all day trip days unless it is an in house carnival for elementary students.  Almost 70% of our participants begin the fall school year with increased or a least the same academic level they finished the school year at, decreasing the summer learning loss that so many youth experience over the summer months.  This is a SAAC licensed program.

Glen Cove Youth Bureau presents…


After 3 Career Tours

Our first outing was April 25, 2012 to the Glen Cove Police Department with Sgt. Jack McDougal. 

On Friday afternoons, students enrolled in the Glen Cove After 3 Program have the option to participate in the Career Exploration Program lead by Jacki Yonick of the City of Glen Cove Youth Bureau. 

For four weeks, approximately 10 students will tour the Glen Cove Police Department, Page One Restaurant, the Nassau County Museum of Art, and Petco.  The majority of the students enrolled are in 6th grade.  The goal of the program is to introduce students to different careers that are available.  For each tour, the students will have ten questions to answer about the specific business we visit, and all have pad folios with pens to interview the person guiding the tour. 

Thank you Glen Cove Police Department for a wonderful Friday afternoon!!

Participants toured the facility, met two of the detectives on duty, learned about how the front desk operates, and got to operate the lights and sirens of a police car.


Builders Club

After 3 Builder's Club


2012 End of Cycle and December Holiday Party

The Kids of the Builders Club were visited by Glen Cove Kiwanis members: City Councilman Anthony "Tony" Jimenez, Kiwanis's Long Island North Division Lt. Governor Phyllis O. Burnett and Immediate Past Distinguished President and Clubs Advisor Ann Marie Gailius. And these 3 are also current Glen Cove Youth Board, Board Members, as are other members of the Glen Cove club. We are fortunate to have such involved members of our community working with all kids of our community..